About Us

Isla Del Encanto Vacation Rentals consists of a variety of vacation rental homes around Puerto Rico. We currently own 2 of the properties and the rest we manage for our clients and friends.  As of November, 2023 we have our first home, Casa Revive in Rio Grande available for rent as well as our newly listed Condado Laguna Villa in Condado San Juan.  In the coming months we will be adding a Marina View Condo in Fajardo as well as another upscale home in Condado San Juan. We are currently working on rental projects that will be available in Fall of 2024. 

​Nathan began managing short term rental properties while living in Palm Springs, California. At the peak, he managed upwards of 120 homes. While he learned a lot, he also started to dream about running his own agency where he could deliver the level of service that was not always available in a large company.

​After leaving the agency, Nathan & Eduardo began to rent their Palm Springs home, with a lot of success. Everything was running smooth until the pandemic hit. We had to spend several months sheltering in place, and in that time we decided to make a change and move to Puerto Rico, where Eduardo was born and raised.

​Our first home in Puerto Rico was Casa Revive, the rain forest hacienda. We gave the home that name because we did revive the house from years of abandonment following hurricane Maria in 2017. We had intended on living in that home for awhile, but when Nathan found the property in Carolina, we decided to undertake another renovation!

​In the homes we own, and have renovated, you find many pieces of custom furniture built by Nathan. Also, some of the artwork was created by Nathan or Eduardo. Eduardo is a very talented painter and you can see his work by clicking here.  Even in our clients homes, you can find some custom built furniture and our artwork.

​After the amazing results and feedback we received after renting Casa Revive, Nathan decided to realize his dream of creating his own agency and this is the result. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and amenities, and provide safe and secure vacation rental housing. Most of our homes have a back-up energy supply so your trip will not be affected by the occasional black outs. Almost all of the homes also have a back up water supply with additional filtration. Nearly all of the homes use solar energy to maintain the hot water supply.

We are constantly re-investing a portion of our earnings back into the homes to keep them fresh and updated.  We value your feedback and use it to ensure we keep improving our homes and our service offerings. 

​We truly enjoy what we do, and while we cannot guarantee a flawless experience, we can guarantee a prompt and courteous response to any issues that arise. As the number of properties grows, so does the services we offer, such as cooking classes in our rental homes and a rental SUV to make your arrival even more seamless.

​This brand, Isla Del Encanto Vacation Rentals focuses on the inventory of homes we manage. Our other brand, Tour de Puerto Rico focuses on suppling our guests with the highest quality information about things to do around the island. We have gathered much of the information from our own experiences, but we also welcome new tips to try out for ourselves and to share with our guests.

​Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, and considering our homes for your next trip to Puerto Rico!



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