We are now offering exclusive packages just for our guests.  We are happy to create a custom experience for you and your guests.  Let us provide you a quote for a bespoke culinary experience, a rum-tasting class, or even cooking classes.  The limit is only your imagination!


  • Birthday Package with Cake, Balloons and more
  • Anniversary Package with Dessert, Champagne, and Flowers
  • Grocery Shopping - Arrive to the rental property already stocked with what you need
  • Home Bar setup - Arrive to the rental home with our favorite spirits, mixers and ice waiting for you
  • Cooking Class - Learn to prepare local foods and enjoy a meal together (click for more details)
  • Room Service - We prepare and serve a meal for your and your guests in the rental property
  • Rum Tasting - Taste 4 local Rums and learn about the history of rum in Puerto Rico

Send us a message for more information or to make a request!


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