Puerto Rico may be a small island, but it is packed with some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery in the world as well as countless attractions and activities.  Our top 3's will help you focus your planning to make the most of your time on 'La Isla Del Encanto!'

Top 3 Attractions in Puerto Rico

1) El Yunque National Forest:  It's the only rain forest in the national park system.  Immerse yourself in a lush tropical landscape filled with hiking trails, rivers to swim in, and breathtaking waterfalls.  You will find several spots to stop for a picnic and entrance to the park is now free of charge!  Hiking boots or shoes are recommended.

Location:  PR-191, Río Grande, 00745

Website:  https://www.fs.usda.gov/elyunque

2)  Castillo San Felipe del Morro:  An impressive 16th century fortification located in Old San Juan.  Walk around the outer grounds for free or take a tour inside the fort.  Wear comfortable walking shoes!

Location:  501 Calle Norzagaray, San Juan, 00901

Website:  https://www.nps.gov/saju/index.htm

3)  Old San Juan:  Spend a day meandering through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.  Take in the Spanish architecture, peruse the myriad of shops and re-energize by dining at one of the many restaurants lining the streets. 

Location:  Parking Structure Old San Juan

Top 3 Beaches in Northeastern Puerto Rico

1)  Luquillo Beach:  Luquillo has 2 distinct beaches offering unique experiences.  The beach near the Kiosks in Luquillo offers access to restaurants and bars as well as water sports like jet ski's and kayaks.  The Punta Bandera beach provides outstanding scenery and access to more private areas if you prefer.  Either way, the beaches in Luquillo are among the most popular on the island. Either location is great for groups of friends and families. 

Location - Luquillo Beach near the Kiosks

Location - Punta Bandera near downtown Luquillo

2)  Condado Beach:  Condado Beach stretches across San Juan almost the entirety of Condado.  This beach has more of a party vibe with large groups playing music and having a good time.  You will be able to rent beach chairs and umbrellas and there are typically vendors traversing the beach offering beverages and more.  The central area of Condado Beach is known as an unofficial LGBTQ area, although everyone gets along here!  Parking can be difficult here.  You will likely have to pay for parking on Ashford Ave.  Don't risk parking in the yellow.  You will be fined!

Location - Condado Beach

3)  Playa Escondida at 7 Seas Fajardo:  Seven Seas is the most popular beach in Fajardo.  It is usually busy, full of families and groups of friends.  If you prefer a more tranquil and private setting, try to seek out Playa Escondida or the hidden beach.  There are not markings, but you have to follow a path from 7 Seas, through a sometimes muddy path, but you wind up in a private paradise!

Location:  7 Seas

Location:  Playa Escondida

Top 3 Activities at Sea

1)  Icacos:  Icacos is a small, uninhabited island located off the coast of Fajardo.  There are several companies offering tours on a catamaran, most of which offer lunch and beverages on the boat.  You will have an opportunity to snorkel at the reef, where the Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea meet.  In addition, you will have the chance to swim to shore to explore the beach on Icacos.  The water here is pristine, giving you a stunning glimpse of the world under the sea. The link below is for our favorite tour from Travelers.

Travelers Icacos Tours

2)  Trip to Vieques or Culebra:  These two islands are located off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.  They are known for their exceptional and pristine beaches.  You can go for a day or spend a few days.  Ferry tickets from the port in Ceiba are very affordable, but plan ahead as same day tickets are rarely available.  As an alternative, you can also fly from SJU or the small airport in Ceiba (near the ferry terminal). 

Ferry Tickets

3)  Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo:  There are only a few places on earth where this phenomenon occurs, and Puerto Rico is home to 3 of them!  This activity can only be enjoyed at night.  You can enjoy from safety of a boat, or for the more adventurous, you can kayak at night to immerse yourself in the activity.  You should see this wonder of nature at least once in your life!

Bioluminescent Bay Tours

Top 3 Areas to visit outside San Juan

1)  Rincón:  Rincon is situated on the western most point of Puerto Rico.  Enjoy stunning sunsets over the Caribbean, a lively downtown area full of dining options, and shopping around the town square.  Plan on a 2 1/2 hour drive from San Juan.  If you want to enjoy the sunsets, consider staying overnight at one of the many boutique hotels & Bnb's along the coastline. 

Location:  Rincón, Puerto Rico

2)  Ponce:  Take a scenic drive through the center of the island to reach Ponce.  The historic plaza is filled with spanish colonial architecture and surrounded by restaurants and shopping.  While you're here, visit El Castillo Serrallés, the home of Don Q Rum.  Guided or self-guided tours of this magnificent property are available daily, and you can also take in the views from La Cruceta de Vigía and the Japanese Gardens next door. 

Location:  Ponce, Puerto Rico

3)  Cabo Rojo:  Cabo Rojo is the region at the southwest corner of the island.  Relax on the expansive beach at Boquerón then hang out on the boardwalk area in downtown Boquerón.  I would also suggest hiking up to the light house in Cabo Rojo.  It is not a difficult walk, but it is some distance from the nearest parking.  But the views at the top of the cliff are exhilerating!

Location:  Boquerón, Puerto Rico

Location:  Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Top 3 Spots for Nightlife

1)  La Placita:  La Placita de Santurce is one of the most popular places to enjoy the nightlife on the weekends.  During the day, it is local market offering fruits, vegetables & more.  Some of the restaurants are open during the day, but at night the location comes to life with a vibrant energy.  Live music is usual, more dining options, bars galore and dancing in the streets!

Location:  La Placita de Santurce

2)  Piñones:  Piñones is known for it's unique culture, food and nightlife.  During the day, you can feast on the best local foods and enjoy the views from the local beaches.  At nights, and all day during the weekend, Piñones can be packed full of people and cars trying to enjoy live music, strong drinks and flavorful local food.  

Location:  Piñones

3)  Luquillo:  The Kiosks in Luquillo if filled with different bars & restaurants, and can be enjoyed day and night.  During the day is more suited for families, and at night there is more of a party vibe.  The Kiosks slow down earlier in the night but you can also enjoy downtown Luquillo which has only recently began to emerge as a great night-time hang out with locations like the C-Note Jazz Club offering high quality drinks, food and jazz entertainment. 

Location:  Kiosks in Luquillo

Location:  C-Note Jazz Club